Advantages of even wall thickness stator/rotor

The advantages of the even wall thickness stator

the constant stator elastomer wall thickness guarantees uniform rubber stressing and a continuous delivery flow;
the pump pressure is several times higher and more constant;
a shorter pump design is possible(more compact, lighter, lower driving torque);
no heat build-up due to reduced heat generation and better cooling;
lower drive power necessary for the same delivery rate and the same delivery height;
longer service life (less wear);
cost savings for transport, storage and handling;
simplified and more economic stator manufacture using elastomer that are difficult to handle and expensive (FPM, silicon, …);
reduced material utilization;
reduced danger of swelling;
less vibrations;
ecologically compatible;
higher dimensional accuracy;
and last but not least: a smart product design offers marketing advantages.

The advantages of the even wall thickness rotor


surface: can be hardened to 64 HRC or coated with special chrome;
hollow, with uniform contour wall thickness;
approx. 1/3 lighter than solid rotor;
singlelobe and multilobe;
all sizes possible;
maximum length: 6 m;
higher dimensional accuracy.


reduced initial breakaway torque / reduced starting current
ecologically compatible due to material and energy saving manufacturing processes
easier to install
temperature equalization and flushing possible
higher speed possible – greater delivery volume


1.significant improvement in price/performance ratio
2.more applications
3.longer service life
4.rotor and stator optimally matched
5.economic price makes refurbishment superfluous