Even Wall Thickness Stator and Hollow Rotor in:

Oil & Gas

Downhole Drilling Motors (Mud Motors)
Mineral oil transportation (Artificial Lift)

Here minimum space, advantages in costs when the pumps are purchased and when they are at work are required, as well as high operational reliability.

The demands on the elastomer are very high when crude oil is transported. High pressures, high temperatures, the chemical load of the rubber produced by the concentration of the fluorocarbon hydride of the oil mud and the content of stones and sand represent a challenge for each pump. Here our Even Wall technology offers vast advantages.

The effects of the increase in volume due to the temperature and of the swelling due to the absorption of aromatic compounds are very reduced by the smaller and uniform wall thickness of the rubber. Therefore the function of stator and rotor remains constant over a large operating range. The improved service life offers high operational safety and huge cost savings as non-productive times and setup times are very expensive, mainly in the mineral oil industry. The application of even wall thickness stators allows a shorter structural shape; this is the same with the very expensive rotor. By the use of even wall hollow rotors supplementary costs can be saved because of the material saving and the ingenious production process.

With six-lobe even wall thickness stators the efficiency is clearly improved by the constant rubber wall thickness and the rigid geometry. The drilling capacity is nearly doubled in comparison with conventional motors of the same size.

Progressive Cavity Pump

A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump and is also known as a progressing cavity pump, progg cavity pump, eccentric screw pump or cavity pump. It transfers fluid by means of the progress, through the pump, of a sequence of small, fixed shape, discrete cavities, as its rotor is turned. Progressive pump are typically used in following field:

Food and drink pumping
Coal slurry pumping
Sewage and sludge pumping
Viscous chemical pumping
Stormflow screening
Limited energy well water pumping
Grout or cement pumping