Even Wall Hollow Rotor – Progressive Cavity Pump

Even Wall Hollow Rotor – Progressive Cavity Pump

Hollow Rotor for Double Helix Stator

Two Helix Hollow Rotor for Triple Helix Stator

Stainless Steel Hollow Rotor for PCP in food & beverage industry

Advantages of hollow rotor:

* Well washing through hollow rotor;

* Steam injection into well through hollow sucker rod and hollow rotor;

* use of same components of sucker rod pumping system for both pumping and injecting.
* The system requires the drilling of only one well for injection.
* The injected steam builds up a steam chamber that rises to the top of the reservoir.
* While steam injection heats up the oil and improves the flow characteristic, hot oil drains  into the production well.

* Huge cost savings  because of material saving, price is at least 1/3 lower compared with solid rotor.

Rotor Pitch(T): +/-0.1mm;
Eccentricity(e): +/-0.1mm;
Section diameter(D): +/-0.1mm;
Optional Material: 42CrMo, 35CrMo, 40Cr, etc.
Wall thickness: 5~8mm optional.