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Uniform Wall Thickness Stator – Multi Lobe Power Section – Downhole Drilling Motor / Mud Motor

Multi Lobe Power Section for Downhole Drilling Motors (Mud Motors); Even Wall Stators/Rotors for mineral oil transportation (Artificial Lift). Higher ROP by increased motor differential pressure; Higher operating temperature; Longer service life; Lends itself to low speed / high torque motor designs; Shorter power sections at same torque; Less swelling & stator profile distortion; Uniform swelling and uniform heat expansion around stator contour; Minimal internal heat-build-up; Minimal stator profile distortion by heat expansion; High precision.

Even Wall Thickness Stator – Progressive Cavity Pump

Equal Wall stator guarantees uniform rubber stressing and a continuous delivery flow;pump pressure is several times higher and more constant;shorter pump design;better cooling;longer service life (less wear);reduced material utilization; reduced danger of swelling.

Even Wall Hollow Rotor – Progressive Cavity Pump

hollow, even wall thickness;well washing; steam injection; lighter than solid rotor;reduced starting current;material and energy saving; temperature equalization and flushing possible; higher speed,greater delivery volume. significant improvement in price/performance ratio;less swing.